Regarding the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation’s Lack of Support for Blind Students in Kentucky


WHEREAS, blind students in Kentucky, who are consumers of the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, have been denied services contracted to them through their individual plan as a result of not being able to contact their counselors in a timely fashion, if at all; and

WHEREAS, many of these blind students in Kentucky have had to use personal funds for such materials as textbooks, as no voucher or other method of reimbursement has been forthcoming from the agency; and


In Recognition of Service to The Blind of Kentucky

WHEREAS, Congressman John Yarmuth has served the citizens of the US 3rd Congressional District which encompasses the city of Louisville and other surrounding incorporated cities in Kentucky since 2007; and

WHEREAS, Many of his constituents are blind and visually impaired; and

WHEREAS, The National Federation of the Blind of Kentucky participates actively in the annual Washington Seminar sponsors by the National Federation of the Blind; and