NFB-NEWSLINE® Phone Number: (877) 410-4008

Do you want access to the same information about news and current events at the same time as your sighted friends, family, and co-workers?

Have you been forced to give up reading the newspaper due to a print impairment? For reference, print impairments are in the following categories: vision, fine motor skills, and certain cognitive disabilities.

Does your career demand that you keep up with the latest developments in your field?

Are you a sports fan or arts enthusiast who needs detailed coverage on a wide range of topics?

NFB-NEWSLINE allows any print impaired person to listen to TODAY'S newspaper right now, over the telephone, on the internet, on a mobile phone, or using the Amazon smart speaker with Alexa at no cost to you.

As a subscriber to NFB-NEWSLINE, you can read any newspaper and magazine available on this service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can choose the topic and articles of greatest interest to you, at the time and place of your choosing.

With hundreds of newspapers and magazines, national and international coverage, and on-demand service, NFB-NEWSLINE can best be described as:


NFB-NEWSLINE Promotional Campaigns

NFB-NEWSLINE is a treasured resource for the print impaired in this state and around the country. Thusly, we would like to introduce two brand new campaigns designed to promote the service so that everyone has an opportunity to maximize their own independence to the best of their ability. Live the Life You Want!

The NFB-NEWSLINE Kentucky $100 Visa Giveaway

This is an opportunity for you to receive credit for referring a friend to the NFB-NEWSLINE audio reading service. Yes, that's right, the name of any individual who refers a subscriber, or subscribers to the NFB-NEWSLINE audio reading service for the print impaired will receive one submission per referral to be placed into a hopper for a special drawing. Please note that subscribers to the NFB-NEWSLINE service are only eligible if they have a qualifying print impairment. For reference, those impairments are in the following categories: vision, fine motor skills and certain cognitive disabilities. Any person working on the NFB-NEWSLINE Kentucky project will not be eligible for this drawing. Self-referrals are not eligible either. Other than this, anyone can participate in this campaign. We will be concluding this campaign during the NFB Kentucky State Convention every year going forward. This campaign was introduced in the 2021 NFB Kentucky State Convention, and the numbers of Kentucky subscribers increased by quite a margin! The name of the winner from this give-away was drawn during our banquet along with all of the other drawings that we had during our banquet celebration which added to the excitement of this grand night. The winner received a $100 Visa gift card in recognition for their contribution to the NFB-NEWSLINE project here in Kentucky.

News Views

News Views is an essay contest exclusively for the NFB-NEWSLINE subscriber. There will be two essay categories as we begin to implement this contest (categories: adults and children). We will be seeking a maximum 500 word essay from children and 1,000 word essay from adults on what you, as a subscriber to the service, find most intriguing about NFB-NEWSLINE.

We are looking for you to be accurate, creative, and passionate in this written exercise. as a contestant, you should proof read your work as grammar and incorrect spelling could certainly be a disqualifier. A member of the NFB-NEWSLINE Kentucky team will contact you, if you are a finalist, as a part of the evaluation process. They will engage you in a brief discussion of your written work. Winner in the children's category will receive a $100 Visa gift card and adults will receive a $250 Visa Gift card. Winners will be announced at the NFB of Kentucky State Convention during the banquet, and the winning essays will be posted to the NFB-NEWSLINE Kentucky website and Facebook page.

Please note that both of these contests relate only to Kentucky subscribers. We welcome you to participate in our state convention, but the winner of these two Kentucky campaigns as outlined above need not be present. We will contact you, should you be a winner.
Finally, please also note that essay submissions in both categories for the News Views contest become the property of the National Federation of the Blind of Kentucky.


NFB-NEWSLINE is an audio reading service (touch-tone telephone and electronic service) that allows individuals with print impairments to listen to daily newspapers and magazines using a Touch-Tone telephone. The NFB-NEWSLINE service is also available to subscribers on-line, iOS App, and via Amazon Smart Speaker featuring Alexa.

Is NFB-NEWSLINE available in every state?

The magazine portion is available in every state while the newspaper service is available in most states including Kentucky. For more information call the National Federation of the Blind.

Do I have to be blind to use this service?

No. NFB-NEWSLINE is designed for anyone who cannot read newsprint because of a physical disability and certain cognitive disabilities.

For further information and to sign up online, visit the NFB-NEWSLINE Kentucky webpage.

How can I sign up?

If you're a patron of a Talking Book Library, call your library to sign up for NFB-NEWSLINE over the phone. Now, you can also sign up on the NFB-NEWSLINE Kentucky website at NFB-NEWSLINE Self Application, or call the National Federation of the Blind at 1-(877)-410-4008.