NFB of Kentucky 2023 Scholarship Application

The 2023 NFBK Scholarship Application begins March 1 and is due by September 1, 2023. Please visit the application page for eligibility criteria.

NFB Scholarships

National Scholarship

Are you a legally blind student? To recognize achievement by blind scholars, the National Federation of the Blind annually offers blind college students in the United States and Puerto Rico the opportunity to win one of thirty national-level scholarships. Thanks to our generous partners, there are thirty $8,000 merit-based scholarships currently available. All scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, community service, and leadership. The finalists are announced every spring.

For more information on the National Federation of the Blind scholarship program visit the national website before March 31, 2023 for information on how to apply.

Other Scholarships in Kentucky

Please visit the Greater Louisville scholarship page for information on their scholarship opportunities.