Becoming Community Partners During Times of Emergency

WHEREAS, This nation and the world as a whole has been in a state of health emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic since early 2020; and

WHEREAS, As a result of this worldwide crisis we have experienced closures, cut-backs, shortages, and the need to be tested and vaccinated for the COVID virus; and

WHEREAS, the blind and other disabled and disadvantaged people have been most negatively impacted by these conditions; and

WHEREAS, Health clinics, testing sites, food distribution centers, grocery stores, drugstores, and the like are not always accessible either because of the distance from ones home, and or the lack of a reliable support system; NOW therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, By the National Federation of the Blind of Kentucky in convention this 6th day of November 2021, That the National Federation of the Blind of Kentucky commit to becoming a community partner with the Commonwealth of Kentucky and other local municipalities to offer our expertise and resources in the planning and delivering of services to this most vulnerable population during times of health emergencies, natural disasters, and other emergencies as circumstances require.