Recognition of LG&E and KU for Their Commitment to Equal Employment Opportunities for the Blind

WHEREAS Over 70% of the blind persons in the United States are unemployed or under employed; and

WHEREAS a contributing factor to this unacceptable statistic is a direct result of failure of employers to provide workplace accommodations, education, and equal opportunities for the blind; and

WHEREAS inaccessibility of employer proprietary software is a major obstacle for the blind when applying for and maintaining employment and modifications to screen readers can be cost prohibitive; and

WHEREAS efforts of the blind throughout Kentucky to promote an environment of full inclusion in all facets of employment, outreach, and community involvement by employers in Kentucky is considered to be minimal at best to promote opportunity for the blind; and

WHEREAS The National Federation of the Blind believes in the capacity of the blind to compete on equal terms with their sighted colleagues; and

WHEREAS throughout the past several years, Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities have demonstrated an unwavering commitment for the recruitment, hiring and ongoing workplace accommodations for the blind by presenting at our state convention and to students at the Kentucky School for the Blind, continued involvement with the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, generous financial assistance for our scholarship program, and

WHEREAS the company has purchased all requested and required software and needed modifications to allow full access for employees to compete at the same level as their sighted colleagues; and

WHEREAS such actions are in keeping with the philosophy of the National Federation of the Blind to promote equality, opportunity and security for the blind: now therefore

BE IT RESOLVED by the National Federation of the Blind of Kentucky in convention assembled this twenty second day of September, 2019, in the city of Louisville, Kentucky that this organization recognize Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities as an employer of choice for the blind and wish to convey our sincere thanks for their outstanding dedication toward decreasing unemployment for the blind, promoting an environment of full inclusion, and providing opportunities for the blind to live the lives we want.