Cathy Jackson holding the door of an SUV challenge vehicle

Kentucky Blind Driver Challenge Representatives Return

by Cathy Jackson

The Blind Driver Challenge was a exciting event. I wish all of you could have been there. This was a history-making event for the National Federation of the Blind. The technology developed made it possible for Mark Riccabono, a totally blind gentleman to drive a car without sighted assistance. He was given real-time information which gave him the opportunity to decide how to maneuver the car around the Daytona International Speedway. We have proven that the gap between accessible technology and general technology isn't so wide after all. The NFB hasn't abandoned our efforts to improved education, and rehabilitation, Braille reading skills, employment opportunities and the like. It merely means that we have embarked upon another frontier. Pamela and John Glisson, Angela Dehart and Cathy Jackson proudly represented NFB of Kentucky. You can visit or to learn much more about the car and the event.

Inside driver seat of vehicle with sensor gloves and seat

Rear of vehicle housing the electronics
Pamela and John Glisson, Angela Dehart and Cathy Jackson standing in front of a race car at the race trackPamela Glisson holding the door of an SUV challenge vehicle



NFB knows how to work hard, but we also know how to celebrate our accomplishments. On Saturday evening we gathered to revel in the overwhelming success of the event. We enjoyed the pizza, but more importantly we shared in the excitement with our friends and fellow Federationists.

Head table including Dr. Marc Maurer
Pamela and John Glisson sitting down at banquetAngela Dehart sitting down at banquet